Saturday, November 20, 2010

Remote control

One of the best vacations I ever had was with my parents and sister on the island of Iona.

If you haven't been, you should totally go. Here's how:
  • Fly to London
  • Connect to Glasgow
  • Take a train to Oban
  • Take a ferry to Mull
  • Take a bus across Mull
  • Take another ferry to Iona

As my mother says, you really feel like you've gotten away.

And I know my city friends think I have moved to nowhere, but I am in a city of 23,000 people, on a campus of 5,000 people, with neighbors I can see from my windows in all directions.

I've been spending some time hanging out in a much smaller town lately, and I'm headed to North Country School in Lake Placid next week. I love, love, love, the quietness of not having cell phone reception all the time.

Day 19 of my month of gratitude:
I am thankful for remoteness, for places without a lot of people, for opportunities to feel like I have really gotten away.

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