Thursday, March 27, 2008


If you have the opportunity to meet Luis Alberto Urrea, or to hear him speak, you should do that.
That is a man with some good stories to tell, and not just the ones that are published.
I have only read one book of his, so far, and it is beautiful, but a total downer.
In person, he is hilarious and not at all a downer.

Also: I feel like I have mentioned this before, but a quick Google search says I haven't, so I'll say it now. When I was first contemplating applying for, interviewing for, taking this job I have, my friend and reference (frequent commenter bzh), got very excited about it. She thought I was made to work in a college. She thought it would be the perfect environment for me. I agreed aloud, but did not get it in my soul. I have had several occasions to remember that she said that, and, totally right. Thanks, bzh.


Kay Bailey said...

This makes me happy. There's no better place for you than a place with lots and lots of ideas fluttering around. I'll look up that guy.

bzh said...

My pleasure, City Mouse.

I'm always pleased to be right in front of the smartest woman I know.