Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weather (or not)

A friend who's from Massachusetts originally but who I know from D.C. asked me yesterday if there were any signs of spring up here yet. Apparently he's getting tulips.
I've shied away from the weather posts lately, because all I'd ever have to say would be "snowed again," and "stopped snowing briefly."
But, just in case you're curious:
Snowed again.
More coming today.

This weekend, we did have a lot of cold rain, which, I suppose, would be a sign of spring, if it hadn't already started snowing again.


mike said...

It's also snowing in Florida today. (Not that I'm in Florida. I'm in a lair under Children's Hospital. But CNN says it's snowing in Florida, and why would they lie about that?)

Kay Bailey said...

Don't trust what the news outlets say about Florida.

It's not snowing in DC but Dad's coming. It's kind of the same thing.