Monday, March 24, 2008

All class, all the time

One of the great benefits to my job is free college classes. Eventually, I may decide to pursue a master's degree, but for right now, I am taking classes just for fun. I start being able to use this benefit just in time for the first summer session.
So, what should I take?
What would you take, if you could, for free, with no grade-type pressure?
What do you wish you'd taken in college, just for kicks?
Some of the current contenders:
  • Seminar: James Joyce's Ulysses.
  • Piano Class I
  • Writing Poetry
  • Ethics
  • Residential Landscape Design
  • Whole Grain Cooking

Some of the options I'm not considering now (in some cases, purely for scheduling reasons):
  • Human Skeletal Remains
  • Mythology, Genre, and the American Dream: The Baseball Film
  • Explosive Dust Evaluation
  • Currency Crises and Global Poverty
  • Introduction to Geography


bzh said...

I'd pick Ethics. Followed by Whole Grain Cooking.
I do hope you'll reconsider Explosive Dust Evaluation, even if just for the name...

Kay Bailey said...

I'd go for landscape design now, just because I have some land to scape. Beyond that, I actually have a hankering for Ulysses because I don't think one really ever reads that without a professor pressuring one.

Of the classes you are rejecting, I would LOVE to take Human Skeletal Remains, followed by exchange rate/poverty.

Jennifer said...

I'm going to second ethics.

Although landscape design will be useful when it stops snowing...

and learning to abate explosive dust would be incredibly useful in all sorts of situations.