Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You OK?

I can't help but notice that this week, when it's so quiet on campus and in the local taverns (Spring Break), it's also very quiet on IM and on my favorite blogs.
So I just wanted to check in and be sure you're all OK. I mean, if you're not blogging or chatting because you're also on Spring Break, then party on, dudes.
But I'm beginning to get worried about you.
Exempt: Mike, who has been commenting up a storm over here, and polkadotcreations, who commented a few times here and entertained me with a minute-mystery on her own blog just last night.


Erin said...

Had too much of IM so I've been off of it. I don't think you're talking to me per say, but I read it as if you are. So yes, yes I'm OK. But really wish you and BZH and P. and McCalla could be there tonight. Miss you.

ToddP said...

I think I should also be an exemption, since you just saw me.

bzzzzgrrrl said...


fribbles said...

..I've no idea where I found your blog, but just wanted to say I've been subscribed for weeks now and find it most entertaining. =D

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Welcome, fribbles! Glad to have you aboard, and thanks especially for de-lurking! As much as I love new members to the CMC reader family, I double-love new members to the CMC commenter family, mostly because I know they exist.