Monday, June 25, 2012

Blogs I love

It's been a little while since I drew your attention to my blogroll, or since I did anything with it myself, so I'm taking a cue from Genny.

Here's what I'm reading and loving these days. I'm even using (almost) the labels I use in my reader for this post (it gets complicated, because there's overlap, but, well, I do what I can).

The blogs that used to be on my blogroll but aren't anymore are the ones that haven't had any posts in a long time (if by friends) or that I don't really read anymore (if by non-friends). And that's quite enough parentheses for an introduction.


Funny ha ha




Random strangers

So, what's missing? What are you reading or writing on the internets that I don't have on my list? What do you think the rest of us would looooove?

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bzzzzgrrrl said...

One more I had to add, in the "Friends" category:
J. Ricci Energy: An old summer camp buddy has always done inspirational better than most.