Friday, June 22, 2012

Oly, oly, oxen-free

Today, my Rock Star friend tried to send me a video on gchat, but it wouldn't load. I could see that the title was "Vogue (Olympic PC...", so I Googled around a little until I got this, which I could not for the life of me figure out how to embed.

Two thoughts on that video:
  • The part where one of the Bryan brothers talks about how important it is that his brother pushes him was hilarious, because one of the Bryan brothers (still not sure which) actually shoved me at an event once. On my birthday.
  • Why are the men depicted doing active athletic things, while the women (regardless of whether they are models or athletes) depicted as decoration? Oh, patriarchy.
Oh, and a third:

  • That was not at all the video my friend was trying to send me. This was:

    It's way more adorable, though it did result in discussion of whether the feather headbands were supposed to signal "flapper" or "indian."
    I'm going with "flapper," because only the girls are wearing them, which means the boys' hats are supposed to be fancy fedoras, and not pilgrim hats.
    I think.

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