Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More dog days of summer

You may recall that I am dog-sitting.

The lucky puppy and I are having a blast. Once a day, I try to send a wrap-up text about him and his buddy, who's a cat, to their owners on vacation. And because they're so adorable, I try to include a picture snapped with my phone.

Did I mention he's a puppy?

Here's a small sample of photo attempts:

I did manage to get one acceptably good one:

Cute, right? And deceptively placid-looking? 

Yeah, don't let him fool you.


Amanda said...

Well, obviously I love every single thing about this post -- and the fact that this guy is keeping you entertained and surrounded by love and fur.

Rick said...

We got a puppy for the kids a few months ago. Worst. Mistake. Ever. Next time I'm adopting an adult dog. Too much puppy energy. It's actually harder to have a puppy than it is to have kids! Don't get me wrong, I love the little guy and he's finally starting to "get it." But man has it been a tough transition.