Sunday, June 24, 2012

Things I learned from the first 20 hours of two weeks of dog-sitting

  • I really am allergic to dogs. Really allergic. As much as I am to cats.
  • Dogs really like to be close to people.
  • Cetrizine Hydrochloride is no longer an effective allergy medicine for me. At least for my dog allergy.
  • If there's one thing dogs love, it's wadded up Kleenex.
  • You can't buy allergy medicine with a decongestant unless you have your driver's license.
  • If you, say, forgot to bring your driver's license to the drugstore, you can't reasonably "just run in" for it if there's a dog in a crate in your house, because he will go INSANE and you will feel like the meanest person alive.
  • There are many reasons I don't own a dog (like allergies and that I prefer to have the option of being irresponsible), but not-unhigh on the list is that I am worried the dog will judge me. The last two dogs I've dogsat for came from households with two adults and two interesting children. I suspect these dogs are bored to tears with me, because the parts of my life that are exciting (me being out of my house) and the parts that are relaxing (me lying around in my house) are both pretty dog-boring. 

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