Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Blogiversary Part 2: Favorites

So, I asked for your favorite posts when I asked for questions, and got two great responses.

First, April's:
I did not find the one I was looking for and would like to request (I think it was written for Pride day/week maybe last year and is advice for straight parents).
However, I did find a shocking number of posts that I somehow missed, including a new favorite, "From," which you should also re-post.

And Joe's:
Your odyssey to upstate NY and the car troubles you encountered almost brought a tear to my eye. It's like they say, you can't make this stuff up. [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4]
But, you know me, CMC. I can also be 12 years old sometimes. Which is why my other favorite posts were the ones that contained the word "pally." 

But April also asked what my favorite post is. And yadda yadda they're all my babies yadda couldn't pick just one, but whatever. Of course there are some I like better than others. So you're getting one per year of City Mouse Country.

Also, I feel like I should give some love to the post that has garnered by far the most page views (as in, five times as many page views as the post in the #2 slot), Bang, bang. I am the warrior., which is seriously unworth reading but just goes to show you, a lot of people want images of straight-across baby bangs.

So, what am I missing? What were your faves, from any year?

Day 20 of my month of gratitude: As I said earlier, I am thankful for positive feedback. I am double-thankful that some of you keep reading at all. Thanks, friends.

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Joe said...

No questions, CMC. Just wanted to say we're thankful for you, too. Keep up the great work. Pally.