Sunday, November 25, 2012


Thursday was Thanksgiving, as you know. It was great.

Friday was filled with more family, which, also great.

Saturday, I was sickish. Tried to nip it in the bud by resting and relaxing.

Today, I'm sicker. As you may know, I'm crabby when I'm sick.

Day 23 of my month of gratitude: I am grateful to have parents who, having spent the last several days catering to everyone else, continued to spend today catering to me, going to the grocery store and bringing me:
  • milk,
  • Pepsi Throwback,
  • ginger ale,
  • tissues, both with and without lotion,
  • chips, both plain and cool ranch,
  • celery (I can't make chicken soup without celery)

  • my suitcase and leftover turkey and mince pie from their house.

I do not think there are better parents than these. Even if my mother did have to stay in the car while my dad threw groceries and a suitcase in the house, in a (certainly) futile attempt at germ avoidance.

Oh, and I'd be even more grateful if I had readers who wanted to entertain me while I'm sick and pathetic.

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Genny said...

It's an oldie - and I know it's probably set up - but it makes me laugh every time: