Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Your big chance to boss me around

I am writing this post waaaaay in advance, so I won't chicken out of it come November 13.

November 20 will be the fifth anniversary of City Mouse Country. Here's how we'll celebrate.

  1. As I did for my first blogiversary, I'll be answering your questions. Post them in the comments here or on the Facebook page, and I will try to answer every single one on the Big Day. Use your real name, use a fake name, post anonymously. The sky's the limit.
  2. If you tell me, here or on the Facebook page, what your favorite "classic" posts from CMC are, I'll refresh everyone's memory by sharing them on the Facebook page between now and then. OK, and for Joe and, um, my parents, I guess, I'll do a compilation post of links to them here in a week, as well.
  3. Third, if I can think of one between now (mid-September) and when this post goes live (mid-November), we'll have some form of fabulous prize available. Would that not be tremendous? [Ed. note: I did not yet think of a fabulous prize. But maybe I will in the next week.]

Day 12 of my month of gratitude: Thanks to the handful of you who've been reading here for five years of my country life, and thanks as well to those of you who've joined us along the way. And also thanks to those of you who are just mid-November bandwagon-jumpers because one of your friends liked something I posted to Facebook this week. Stick around. That November 20 post is going to be epic.


April said...

I am not doing the November gratitude thing, but let me say that I am thankful that you gave me this excuse to go back through the CMC archives. I did not find the one I was looking for and would like to request (I think it was written for Pride day/week maybe last year and is advice for straight parents). However, I did find a shocking number of posts that I somehow missed, including a new favorite, "From," which you should also re-post. My question is...what is your favorite post -- or one of them -- and why? There, now you get to re-post something that no one else thinks to request!

Joe said...

Your odyssey to upstate NY and the car troubles you encountered almost brought a tear to my eye. It's like they say, you can't make this stuff up.
But, you know me, CMC. I can also be 12 years old sometimes. Which is why my other favorite posts were the ones that contained the word "pally." Link is below.

Mike said...

Okay, question. Do you ever think (to our detriment) you perhaps shouldn't be giving this material away on a blog, but writing and publishing the old-fashioned way? (Not that they're mutually exclusive... but that some of your stuff is "too good" for this medium?)

Anonymous said...

If you could automatically have any talent at all, like world-class level, what would you like it to be?

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between gay and queer, and which one is appropriate for those of us who are neither to use?

Rebel McLeod said...

Name three passions (or something approximating them). If you followed them with enough zeal, what sort of Muppet would you be?