Monday, November 12, 2012


November and December are months of anniversaries and commemorations for me, and this year, there's a bunch of round numbers. This weekend is the fifth anniversary of my move to New Hampshire, today is the fifth anniversary of my first day at my current job, and there's more coming that I'm sure you'll hear lots about.

I like looking back; I like marking time; I like checking in on how things have changed. I have a handful of friendship milestones I've remembered for decades.

Day 11 of my month of gratitude: I'm thankful for pauses, breaths, reevaluations. I'm thankful for anniversaries and the things they mark. I'm thankful for the chance to look at how very different my life is from what it was, and I'm grateful for those differences, too: For a niece and a nephew, for my house, for proximity to family, for access to natural spaces, for stars I can see at night, for the communities I have and the people I've met — even as I still miss the folks I left in D.C.

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