Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life savers

This timely-if-somber reminder came down from a friend on Facebook yesterday (ripped off entirely without his permission):

Friends: It's the holidays, and for a lot of people these are really fucking hard times, particularly for friends who suffer from mental illness, who are going through hard times, people who are misfits or queers. A friend recently wrote, 'tis the season for suicide. I want to ask you all to check in with the people you love, smile at a stranger in the store, put change in a meter that's running out, reach out to the people around you (and let that love right back in). You could be saving a life.
Day 18 of my month of gratitude: I am thankful for my own (relative) mental health these days — and for access to the professional and personal support I need to sustain it.

Also, all, y'all, if there's anything I can do, this time of year of any other, please let me know. A big hug to each of you.

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