Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dating game

Some of you have wondered how my single life is.

As I may have mentioned elsewhere, I am on a certain online dating site that rhymes with "No way, stupid."

Here's how that's going for me, by the very rough numbers:

  • Years of membership: 4, minus maybe 6 or 7 combined total months when I was dating someone or too tired to keep trying
  • Number of ridiculous questions answered: 2,511
  • Number of messages from vaguely sketchy straight men: Roughly 15
  • Number of messages from seriously, demonstrably sketchy straight men: 1
  • Total number of first dates yielded: Roughly 10
  • Total number of second dates: 1
  • Number of great friends found through direct dating-site contact: 2
  • Number of great friends made indirectly, as a result of those contacts: Roughly 20

I have also responded to a small handful of Craigslist personal ads.

Here's how that's going for me:

  • Number of ads responded to: 5
  • Number of entirely sketchy responses to my responses: 4
  • Number of entirely sketchy people I inadvertently responded to twice, via different ads: 1
  • Number of great friends made through direct Craigslist contact: 1
  • Number of great friends made indirectly, as a result of that contact: Roughly 12

And overall:

  • Number of close non-internet friends who've met great partners on the same dating site I'm actively on since I've been on it: 2
  • Number of hours I've spent discussing with those friends our prospects and sharing profiles of potential partners: Roughly 600
  • Number of other dating sites I'm theoretically on that have yielded literally nothing, datewise or friendwise or experiencewise: 2
  • Percentage of local queer friends met directly or indirectly through the internet: Roughly 74
  • Number of potentially life-changing experiences had, so far, as a result of those relationships: Already too many to count.
That's how. You?

Day 26 of my month of gratitude: I am thankful* for the internet, and for finding miraculous diamonds while you're looking for rubies.

*I initially mistyped that word "dateful." I do not know what that means, but I like it.

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